Zenatix: A Data-driven Connected Solutions Company

Zenatix is a part of Hero Electronix the $11 billion Hero Groups venture into the technology space with the intent of creating home-grown, scalable and leading technology businesses out of India. To that endeavour, Hero Electronix focuses on multiple high growth domains centered around enterprise solutions.

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ZenCONNECT: Connect your physical infrastructure with our IOT solutions

Specially developed for retail stores, office buildings, hotels and industrial setups, our ZenCONNECT solutions connect your physical assets over the Internet, with an aim of providing centralized asset management.

Centralized Command Center

Predictive Maintenance

10% to 15% Energy Savings

30% Higher Compliances

25% Reduced Asset Breakdowns

Digital Workflows

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ZenBUILD: Build connectivity into your products with our Full IoT Stack offerings

Designed to aid Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) integrate connectivity into both
their new and existing products, our ZenBUILD solutions will help you launch your own smart
products and IoT solutions overnight.

Connectivity Modules

Control Cards & Gateways

IoT Software & Apps

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In these times of ever-evolving technology and a connected world, Zenatix is looking for people who are poised to face tomorrow and the challenges it may bring.